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Coriolanus: From Man to Dragon

November 4 - 20, 2016 | Italytime Theater

Cast: Felix Birdie, Patricia Black, Olivia Boren, Teresa Catherine, Chris Dooly, Carter Gaylord, Thomas Hedlund, Omri Kadim, Brynn Knickle, Frankie Li, Ryan Marcone, Logan McCoy, Daniel Napolitano, Oliver Palmer, Cristina Ramos, Jefferson Reardon, Rivera Reese, Dylan J Sampson

Costumes: Fan Zhang

Set Designer: Collin Medford

Lighting Designer: Timothy Meola

Music Director/Drummer: Aiden Farrell

Assistant Director: Abigail Wahl

Produced by Dan Hasse and Rose Bochner

Fight Director: Mitch McCoy

Directed by Yuriy Pavlish